Night Of Champions is the next PPV of the year for WWE following Summerslam.  Night Of Champions is the only PPV of the year where all WWE titles have to be defended by the champions.

The PPV is scheduled on 20th September 2015 at Houston, Texas in the Toyota Centre.


To date, there have been four matches confirmed:

  1. Main Event- Seth Rollins (c) vs. Sting.   (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)
  2. Nikki Bella (c) vs. Charlotte.  (WWE Divas Championship)
  3. Seth Rollins (c) vs. John Cena. (WWE U.S Championship)
  4. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and ? vs. Wyatt Family w/Braun Strowman.

Will Sheamus cash in his money in the bank?

Sheamus could play a large role in this PPV as he holds the MITB briefcase. As we all know he looks to capture the WWE World heavyweight championship but will he do so at this PPV?  He has held the MITB for three months now and the question looms when will he cash in?  What makes the MITB cash in even more appealing is that the current title holder, Seth Rollins, will face two separate opponents throughout the PPV, which could make him prone to becoming an easier target to take out.

thENK4P543 Likeliness- 6/10.

Erick Rowan Returns?

As a result of becoming injured, and therefore, having to take time off from WWE, the former Wyatt family member Erick Rowan has been replaced with Braun Strowman who has taken over in emphatic style with his incredible strength and size which has dominated Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose over the following weeks.  However, the match has been confirmed at Night Of Champions that they will face the Wyatt family along with a mystery superstar yet to be named.  Could this superstar be Erick Rowan who will look to take revenge on the Wyatt family after leaving him behind?RAW_1161_Photo_070-4089543145-750x340-1440471494

eric-rowan-sd735photo128-1379856463Likeliness- 8/10.

The return of Kane?

Throughout the past few weeks, rumours of a returning Kane have grown throughout the WWE universe. Kane was taken out by Brock Lesnar who broke his foot on Monday night raw a few weeks ago.  Although Kane returning is inevitable, many wrestling fans believe that he will interrupt Brock Lesnar during his match in a future PPV, however, Seth Rollins did turn his back on Kane following Brock Lesnar’s actions by further injuring Kane’s broken foot.  This could prove fatal for the current WWE World heavyweight champion as a returning masked Kane could interfere in his match costing him his championship title.

However, which Kane will return?

th8JVL8AI6KANE_12032013sb_0031bLikeliness- 7/10.

My predictions:

Sting defeats Seth Rollins for the WWE World heavyweight championship. (Pin fall)

Charlotte defeats Nikki Bella. (DQ)

John Cena defeats Seth Rollins for the WWE U.S. championship. (Tap out)

The Wyatt family defeat Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and n/a. (Pin fall)