Hot Fuzz (Release Date: 14th February 2007)

Rated: 15

Length: 121 minutes

Film Corporation: Universal Pictures

Genre: Comedy, Thriller

Storyline: An overachieving police officer, Nicholas Angel, in London is transferred unwillingly to a quieter more serene town in the countryside where he is partnered up with a seemingly witless partner . However, after spending sometime in the town, he believes that there may be a hidden conspiracy in the so called peaceful area.

Being the second in the trilogy of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost films, this movie had a lot to live up to due to success of the first film, Shaun of the Dead, which is considered one of the best zombie films ever made, despite its horror comedy theme.  Although the sequel has no likeness whatsoever to the first film, it is in every way just as good, if not better.  The film made x3 as much as the film was budgeted at, which was a huge success, as well as picking up 12 awards.


The film includes a wide variety of comical moments which are bound to make even the most difficult to please laugh.  For example, one of these moments is when the two police officers played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have to run over several garden fences to catch a criminal who has made a break for it.  Whilst Nicholas Angel manages to conquer the fences with ease, up steps Danny Butterman! What ensues next can only be described as frickin’ hilarious! Moreover, there are some scenes which provide the audience with some gore, showing us why the film is also categorised as a thriller/horror.


Another personal touch to the three films: Shaun of the dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End is the use of the cornetto.  In each film, it has been included in at least one scene.  To why it has been used, people do not know, but it has become almost a trademark of the films trilogy, hence why the movie producers have called them the cornetto trilogy.


Overall, I believe this is one of my favourite comedy movies of all time.  The acting cast are all experienced and therefore know how to perform given the comedy aspect of the film, with thriller/horror parts required sometimes.  Also, the special effects are realistic enough to believe, making the film that much more reassuring.  Finally, the film suits all ages.  Although the film is rated a 15, due to some mild use of language and gore, it is a sure hit entertainment phenomenon that are so rare to find nowadays in film.


Rotten Tomatoes: 91%

Empire Magazine: 4/5

Guardian: 4/5

My Opinion: 9.2/10