Genre: Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Rating: 18

Release Date: 11th July 1997 (UK)


The movie is based on Stephen King’s ‘Thinner’. It is based on an obese lawyer, Billy Halleck (Robert Burke), who has a curse put on him by a gypsy (Michael Constantine), after running over his granddaughter. Halleck leaves his wife (Lucinda Jenny) and daughter (Joie Lenz), to find the gypsy and get the curse that is steadily making him thin, reversed, before he ends up dead!


I believe that this was the first Stephen King film I have watched and I thought it was a well put together horror classic.  Maybe the film lacked realistic special effects, but this film was made in the mid 90’s, meaning the film holds up pretty well considering its age.  However, the storyline and acting made the film an instant favourite of mine.


The horror factor of the film was not scary nor did the film have any jump scares.  But what it lacked in that, it made up for in gore.  Lots of fake blood had to be used in the production of this film, which gave it an unsettling edge.  Overall, it was a fun, cheesy typical American film which lacked finesse but ultimately delivered a good watch.


IMBD: 5.7 /10

My Opinion: 8.2 /10