Paranormal Activity 1

Storyline: After a young, middle class couple moves into a suburban two story house, they slowly come to terms with the fact that their house is controlled by a spiritual presence. The demonic presence that starts to become most active during the dead of night, whilst they try and sleep. The demon slowly becomes more evident and stronger, ultimately possessing one of them…


I believe that the first Paranormal Activity film is the best of the franchise, to date.  When introduced onto screens around the world in 2007, the found footage genre was unique and scarce, therefore, it was unknown for viewers what to expect from this movie.  The jump scares were far and few between, which made the suspense leaving your hairs stand on the back of your neck.  It was a very refreshing horror film and one of the scariest I have seen for a long time.

Paranormal Activity:  8.9 /10

Paranormal Activity 2

Storyline: When a family suspects a series of break-ins in their home, they decide to set up and install security cameras around their house in an attempt to capture the identity of these intruders.  However, they may not like what they see!


The second instalment of the Paranormal Activity franchise is ultimately the same concept as the first, in terms of the camera footage, but, this time, they are security cameras instead of home made films from camcorders.  This film is still creepy at times but lacks the creativity and edge of the first movie.  The jump scares are more regular and at times they are predictable, which reduces the excitement for the viewers.  Despite the film being released in 2010, three years after the first film was released, this gave them ample time to create another revolutionary horror film, but they didn’t deliver.

Paranormal Activity 2:  7.0 /10

Paranormal Activity 3

Storyline: In 1988, sisters Katie and Kristi befriend an invisible entity that lives in their home, watching their every move.


The third film is set before the first two films where the two main characters are sisters who are involved in the first two films, therefore, if your deciding to skip the first two films, it is not recommended as you wont have a clue what’s going on.  This film was released in 2011, and still comprises of unnecessary jump scares, causing it to be predictable once again.  Although I prefer this film to the second one, it still lacks the finesse needed to beat the first.  Whilst I like the fact that they alter the storyline and go back in time to help rekindle information for viewers to have an understanding of the films pathway, it was for the most part boring.

Paranormal Activity 3: 7.5/10