The Star Wars universe are at it again, and this time there have been a bunch of talking points brought up by the new teaser trailers released not too long ago.

Despite the newest of the two trailers only running for approximately 2 minutes long, the Star Wars’ fan base couldn’t resist sharing their unique and fascinating ideas.

Bobba Fett Back?


A quick clip of the Star Ward trailer offered fans this image of a strange looking soldier, walking as if it is going to war.  This soldier is supposedly said to be Bobba Fett, in his new attire.  However, his gear does look similar to a storm troopers, but coloured in a metallic silver covering.  Surely it is just a highly ranked trooper who is in charge of his subordinate, less superior troops working against the jedi’s.  But, Bobba Fett never was confirmed dead… If you cast yourselves back to The Return of The Jedi, he was thrown into the Sarlaac, the huge circular mouth in Tatooine.  There is a possibility that he escaped this by some how freeing himself or getting others to rescue him.  Either way, it makes for an interesting cliff hanger until the film is released in December of 2015.

The Future of Droids


This weird looking droid in part of the trailer has something very intriguing in appearance and mannerisms as another famous droid in the Star Wars franchise, R2-D2.  Since R2-D2 is in the films trailer, it cannot be R2-D2’S new form.  However,  instead of having the long, rectangular body, the droids now have a circular one allowing for quicker movement to escape danger.  Perhaps they have learnt that faster equals greater chance of survival and escaping danger!  However, if this is true, does R2-D2 stand in greater risk of being destroyed as he no longer has an edge over the other droids?

Darth Vader, Dead or Alive?


The trailer gave us another reason to question the epic movie franchise. We saw the heavily damaged and aged Vader helmet.  Under normal circumstances, this would have been found buried with the remains of his body, right?

The biggest question on people’s minds at the moment is about Darth Vader.  Did he really die in The Return of The Jedi?  The last we saw of him was in Luke Skywalker’s arms, barely able to talk, and severely injured from the battle he had with Luke as well as receiving damage from Darth Sidious.  The reason this issue had been brought up is that in the trailer, Luke is heard saying:

“The Force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. My sister has it. You have that power, too.”

Although this statement has been copied from The Return of The Jedi, the tense of which it is said has sparked attention from fans.  As it says “my father has it.”  Its seems that he must still be alive, otherwise, they would have changed it to “my father had it.”

As there has been no conformation of who the lead villain in the film is, there still maybe time for the resurrection of Darth Vader to reclaim his rightful place on top of the Star Wars kingdom.